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SHORT TERMS LOANS, PAYDAY LOANS Ltd is one of New Zealands lowest cost short term loans and payday loans companies.

Compare Ltd to other New Zealand payday loan,short term loan companies & you'll discover that the cost of a short term loan from Cantwait is 10% - 40% lower than that of most other payday loans companies.

Unlike most other NZ payday loans lenders we don't charge costly establishment fees.

Combine this with no fees for payday loan establishment / administration / direct debits or early repayment.

The only cost is the daily interest rate of 1.43%, or $1.43 per day on a $100 loan.

Once we've gotten to know & trust you there's not even any documents to sign, and no fees for renewal Payday loans! Returning clients can apply for a new cash advance from any mobile digital device no need to be anywhere near a computer printer or fax machine.

Approval is fast & easy. Once approved, You'll receive the cash advance overnight or within 60 minutes*

Try our Payday loans calculator to see how much you could borrow and what your total repayments would be. There are no hidden extras.

Quick payday Loans,fast cash,cash advance ApprovalQUICK PAYDAY LOAN APPROVAL

If you find yourself needing a personal quick cash, payday, advance, loan, try Cantwait as a fast, easy & affordable solution to your urgent short term cash needs. Within minutes of applying you could receive up to a $1000 cash loan in your bank account to cover any expense you have that needs urgent attention.

While we never ask your reason for taking out a Cantwait Payday Loan many of our existing clients use our instant cash loans to cover unexpected costs such as:

  • car repairs
  • medical costs
  • vet bills
  • travel needs
  • power & phone bills
  • school fees & uniforms
  • funeral costs


With our easy fast cash, payday loan terms of 1-70 days you can spread out the repayments for up to 10 weeks & so there's no need to stress about having to repay the entire cash loan from your next pay cheque.

Should the worst happen and you're suddenly made redundant we offer an interest free grace period of up to 3 months or until you've found another job.

Our automated direct debiting systems & free email reminders don't cost you a cent & because repayments are aligned with your paydays you can relax, sit back & get on with your life.

If you want to repay your payday loan early simply contact us by phoning (07) 5770136 or emailing before 3pm on the relevant date and well organise this for you. Youll only pay interest on the actual days that youve had the loan. Theres no charge for early repayment in fact we encourage it & it saves you money on interest.

If you request a change to your loan repayment schedule, a statement or a copy of a document there is a $10 fee

Once your loan is fully repaid youll be sent a quick email saying thank you & letting you know your unique 4 digit pin number which lets you re-apply as a RETURNING CLIENT



  • Renewals are fast and easy.
  • Approval is guaranteed if you have a good borrowing history with Ltd
  • Renewals are not automated
  • Electronic signature acceptance of loan documents
  • No Renewal Fee
  • No Supporting Documentation required
  • No Credit checks



New clients can borrow up to 40% of net take home pay up to a maximum payday loan amount of $1OOO.

Payday Loan repayment terms can be up to 10 weeks.

Complete our fast & simple online payday loan application. Find out how much you can borrow. It's EASY!


IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Please read before applying for a Cantwait cash advance payday loan.

APR—Annual Percentage Rate

Cantwait does not charge establishment, administration or direct debit fees which understate the true financing cost of a payday loan.

The Annual interest rate is used by consumers to compare lenders and payday loan options over a 365 day period. Our payday loans terms are from 1 day to a maximum of 70 days only.

Our APR is 521.43% p.a. or 1.43% per day.
This equates to a total cost of $10 in interest on a $100 payday loan over 7 days or only $1.43 per day.

7 Day Loan Interest Total Loan
Repayment Amount
$100 $10 $110
$200 $20 $220
$500 $50 $550
$1000 $100 $1100


Same Day transfer cost: $10.00

Requested change to repayment schedule: $10.00

How your Payday loan Interest is Calculated:

Interest charges are calculated daily on the unpaid payday loan balance at the rate of 10% per 7 days.
Interest is charged to your account on the scheduled repayment dates & is calculated by multiplying the annual interest rate (521.43%) by 7 then dividing by 365.


This web site is governed by, and is interpreted consistently with, New Zealand law. Ltd is a New Zealand Registered Financial Service Provider - FSP1965
New Zealands Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution ) Act 2008, requires that in order to become a Registered Financial Service Provider all Ltd senior management & company Directors have been screen by, and have passed, NZ police checks. Limited is governed by New Zealand legislation including :

  • The Registration & Dispute Resolution Act 2008
  • The Credit Contracts & Consumer Finance Act 2003
  • The Privacy Act 1993
  • The Companies Act 1993
  • The Fair Trading Act.


Once your payday loan has been approved we will email you a Disclosure Statement telling you the repayment dates plus the cost of each repayment.
2 days before your repayments are due we'll email you a friendly repayment reminder.
On your pay day we direct debit your bank account for the set amount.
Once your payday loan is repaid in full we will acknowledge this with a "thank you" email and you will be issued with a unique 4 digit pin number & instructions on how to txt 4 payday loan renewals with no paperwork required.


Missed payment: $25.00
Cancelled direct debit fee: $50.00
Default interest rate: 100.00% p.a. above the APR calculated and debited daily. This is charged on the amount in arrears from the time you fail to make payment due until the arrears are paid.
Collection cost: 25% of unpaid balance at date of default
Legal fees: Any & all legal fees associated with debt recovery
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Payday Loans


NoNO Establishment Fees

NoNO Renewal Fees

NoNO Administration Fees

NoNO Early Repayment Fees

tick32whtNO Direct Debit Fees

The only cost is the daily interest rate of 1.43% or $1.43 per day on a $100 loan.

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